Pasture-Raised Meat and Eggs for East Texas and Shreveport

Where to Buy Our Meats and Eggs

We carry our meats at a few stores and are working toward carrying our eggs in stores as well, but primarily sell direct to consumer. Click on the city closest to you to find out where we carry our products and if there are deliveries in your area. Sign up for our newsletter for email notice of deliveries, specials, and events.



Jefferson Texas Purchasing Information Shreveport Bossier Purchasing Information
Jefferson, Texas Shreveport/Bossier, Louisiana
Longview Texas Purchasing Information Tyler Texas
Longview, Texas Tyler, Texas
NEW! ===> Shady Grove Ranch Products In Marshall Texas
  Marshall, Texas

Out of area?Click here to learn why we don’t ship and how to find food in your local area. You can still benefit from our newsletter to get recipes, to learn about real farming practices, and just to stay in touch! 

What makes Shady Grove Ranch so different?

Our primary focus is on natural nutrient-density. To achieve this in our cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys, we utilize these four principles:

1. Totally rotational management.

2. Free-choice, top-quality mineral availability.

3. Adequate finishing time.

4. Pasture-thriving breeds.

These four things ensure well-marbled, great-tasting meat and eggs that are produced without chemicals, growth stimulants, or drugs and that are tender, juicy, and easy to cook.  Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about how we raise great-tasting meat!

Do you have to buy a quarter cow?

No, but you can! We sell both by-the-piece and in bulk. Read about the benefits of buying in bulk below, or check out our downloadable price sheets for by-the-cut options in the sidebar.

Bulk Pork Purchasing Information Bulk Beef Purchasing Information
Bulk packages are available year-round and provide some custom options. Listed prices are all-inclusive. No charge for delivery to our Shreveport or Longview drop-offs. Contact us for more information.

More about who we are:

Shady Grove Ranch is a 103-acre naturally-managed farm in Jefferson, Texas dedicated to producing excellent-quality healthy meats and eggs. We raise our animals using common-sense practices, with a strict focus on natural nutrition and rotational management. All of our cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys are raised outdoors with exposure to forage, sunshine, and fresh air. They are rotated regularly across pasture and fed a diet appropriate to their species, self-harvesting when practical. They are humanely managed, never routinely medicated, confined, or fed growth stimulants. In turn, they produce nutrient-dense, great-tasting meat and eggs for our family and for you who live in the East Texas and Shreveport areas.

We welcome farm visits by appointment–we stay very busy and need to plan to be available for you to come to the ranch! We encourage you to take part in food production by seeing where your food comes from and learning about how it is raised. We look forward to seeing you at the ranch!

No Soy. No Hormones. No Genetically-Engineered Feeds. No Pesticides. No Antibiotics. No Confinement.

Yes, Sunshine! Yes, Pasture! Yes, Minerals! Yes, Sustainability!

Cows eat grass. Chickens eat bugs. Pigs root around outside.



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