Pastured Turkey

Soy-free Pasture-Raised Turkey

Our pastured turkeys are soy-free, naturally raised, and available to those in the East Texas (Longview, Tyler, Marshall, Jefferson) and North Louisiana (Shreveport, Bossier) areas.

Available in-season only, these are the tastiest turkeys you’ll ever meet. After their 2-3 week stay in our open-air brooder house while they are growing their big-bird feathers, they are raised exclusively on pasture. We supplement a NON-MEDICATED, non-soy, non-GMO feed.

Our turkeys never experience debeaking or crowded conditions or artificially colored feed (did you know conventional turkey feed is often sprayed green so the birds will eat it?? Maybe they just want some grass!). Another big problem with the commercial turkey industry is that many birds are fed ARSENIC to prevent disease and to encourage growth under stressful conditions. Our turkeys are healthy naturally, meaning NO ARSENIC. They have plenty of space, forage, fresh air, and sunshine!

Soy-Free Pasture-Raised Turkey

Eat a delicious meal during the holidays knowing that the farmers who raised your turkey care about a truly natural habitat and good, chemical-free nutrition for your food.

Because we can only raise a limited number of turkeys, we offer the opportunity to reserve yours. There is no deadline, but reservations are first-come, first-served.

Visit our new online store to see what’s in stock and to learn how to reserve your special Thanksgiving turkey. Sign up for our newsletter for first notice!

The bird comes ready-to-cook and frozen and includes the giblets. Pickup is available via any of our area drops or at the ranch by appointment. Read the product page to learn more.

9 Responses to Pastured Turkey

  1. Jeff Koeppen says:

    Glad to meet you Saturday at the farmers market. I bought several chickens and plenty of grass fed beef. I smoked one of the chickens Sunday and it was the best chicken I have ever tasted! When will the turkeys be on sale? I would like to get a couple for Thanksgiving.


    • jericacadman says:

      I’m so glad you liked the chicken! It’s always hard to choose what’s for dinner around here because we like ALL our meats so much! 🙂
      I’m actually sending an email today to request turkey preorders. The deposits for each are $30 due by the 24th of June. We’re only raising as many as we have orders for, so if you want one (or two!) please let us know!

  2. Beth Watts says:

    My husband and I have made several purchases from you at the Shreveport Farmer’s Market. Our purchases remind me of the meats I ate as a child when staying with my grandparents. We would like to order a turkey, about 15 lbs. Our problem is that we are out of town until July 1st. Is there some way we could make the $30 deposit at the Farmer’s Market on July 2?
    Beth Watts

    • jericacadman says:

      I’ll put you on the list. We do plan to do a few extra birds, so when we get your $30 deposit, that will ensure that you are a turkey recipient. 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying our products! We do, too! Every dinner is like going out to eat around here, except we have to clean up… See you in July!

  3. Shannon Wyche says:

    I noticed in your newsletter that you still had a few spots open on your list for turkey orders. Is that still the case? I would like to put in an order for a 14 lb turkey. Please let me know if I was able to be added and what else I need to do.

    Thank you,
    Shannon Wyche

    • jericacadman says:

      We ordered big anticipating that a few more folks would want turkeys after the deadline, so yes, we can put you on the list. I’ll email you separately with instructions on how to send in your deposit to secure your spot. Thanks a lot!

  4. Bruce Burnham says:

    Saw you in Shreveport Saturday, remember 3 sampler packs? Any turkey slots open?

    • jericacadman says:

      Looks like we still have some turkey spots. Give me a call at your convenience and I’ll get you info on how to send a deposit to reserve it. I’ll also need to know about how big a bird you want: 12-20 pounds. 903-665-7076. Thanks!

  5. Kindra says:

    oh! this makes me so sad!!! i just found you! well i guess i’ll just put in my order for a turkey for 2012!!

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