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New Lower Pork Prices

New Pork Pricing We started this ranch from nothing a short 6 years ago. It’s been an intense, never-die experience that is harder than we ever imagined. It may not seem like it, but we are still tiny in terms … Continue reading

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Hog Killin’ Time

It’s almost hog-killin’ time.  It is likely that most of our ancestors just a generation or two back participated in a yearly community effort to put up pork for the winter. Here in Jefferson, it’s mid-October, and we’re still seeing … Continue reading

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Farm Store Kickstarter Project

Farm Store Kickstarter The cat’s out of the bag–we’re finally building a farm store! Our store will provide a pleasant and convenient place to shop here at the farm. It will include a commercial kitchen, which will allow us to … Continue reading

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2016 Turkey Time

I find it to be a great comfort that we get to start thinking about the winter holidays in the dog days of hot East Texas summer. July means turkeys are already on pasture, foraging away to build up the … Continue reading

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Meet James and Anna!

Here is a fun article for you. Our apprentices, James and Anna, arrived to the ranch way back in March of this year from South Korea (after a week of visiting James’ family). We had planned to let them transition to … Continue reading

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Is Organic Food Making Us Unhealthier?

Have you heard the term “Greenwashing?” Even if you haven’t, perhaps you’ve noticed the vast increase in availability of things at the supermarket that have pretty, healthy-looking little green labels. It’s so nice to have so many healthful options… or … Continue reading

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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Grass-fed Beef

1. The term “grass-fed” beef is no longer regulated as of January 2016. This is a pretty complicated issue, but honestly, we don’t feel it’s entirely a bad thing. Why? Well, we were never terribly into government regulation of private … Continue reading

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Help a Farmer Out

Oh, the world of advertising. It seems like a mysterious chasm that only lots of money will get you across as a business owner. We know there are people out there looking for us. So how do we talk to … Continue reading

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We found a hidden treasure…

This month marks our 6-year anniversary of arrival at Shady Grove Ranch. Six years, in the context of farming, is hardly any time at all, and yet we’ve come a long way and done a lot of cool stuff and … Continue reading

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When Optimism Meets 9,000 Pounds of Hungry

Perhaps many of our readers know us just enough to know that we produce yummy meats and eggs, but not much more than that. Well, let me introduce you to a bit of our kookiness by sharing this fun story. … Continue reading

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