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When Optimism Meets 9,000 Pounds of Hungry

Perhaps many of our readers know us just enough to know that we produce yummy meats and eggs, but not much more than that. Well, let me introduce you to a bit of our kookiness by sharing this fun story. … Continue reading

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Eggs from the Cookie Cutter

We’re members of the American Pastured Poultry Producer’s Association, and part of the membership is being able to participate in an online discussion forum. A few days ago the question arose, “Where could a person find eggs that had been … Continue reading

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The Day The Chicken Paddock Became A Mudslide

Farming often feels like feast or famine. We believe we have exited a 3-year-long drought that started … oh, our FIRST summer of production. We made it. By the Lord’s grace we made it. But the pendulum seems to have … Continue reading

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Winter Photos and More

Just for fun, I thought I’d post some photos from our snowy adventures and beyond. Here’s what we’ve been up to at the ranch for the past couple of weeks.  

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How A Kitchen Scale Revolutionized My Baking Life

We talk about meats and eggs a lot, since that’s our business, of course. But I wanted to share a little tidbit that I learned along my cooking journey, and that is to use a kitchen scale for baking measurements. … Continue reading

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Three Things I Never Throw Away

I was of a frugal nature before we started farming, and have become all the more so now that we are full-fledged self-employed workers of the land. We count ourselves as highly blessed, despite a tight budget most of the … Continue reading

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Pastured Meats and Your Health

Report on Pastured Meats and Your Health We recently put together an event at one of our Longview retail locations: Jack’s Natural Foods. We did a presentation on Pastured Meats and Your Health, and took the time to share Matt’s … Continue reading

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How long do eggs keep?

We get the question all the time, “How long do your eggs keep?” They have an expiration date on them, which we haven’t always done, and actually aren’t required to do, but it does help us to know how old … Continue reading

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The small ones cost more than the big ones?

I have decided to do more blogging since Facebook is killing off business pages by trying to force us to monetize our ads, else we get seen by less than 1% of our fans. We don’t have a big marketing … Continue reading

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Volunteers help complete walk-in freezer

We are grateful to the energetic and hardworking youth of Faith Baptist Church in Longview that gave up one of their last summer Fridays off from school to come help us finish our summer project–a new walk-in freezer! The job … Continue reading

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