Restaurants Featuring Shady Grove Ranch Products

Everyone needs a night out on the town! We are proud, thrilled, exhilarated, and delighted to be working with the following restaurants. It takes more work, time, and planning to source ingredients that are really local and really naturally-raised, and we appreciate the efforts and dedication of these chefs to support our work. Please encourage them by choosing to dine with them next time you're out on the town!

el cabo verde

El Cabo Verde - South Shreveport

A pristine but comfortable authentic Mexican Cocina owned and operated by Chef Gabriel, a devoted local- and pasture-raised foods advocate. Our pork is in the carnitas and our eggs are in several delicious dishes including house-made sauces! Ask your server which dishes currently feature Shady Grove Ranch products.

herby k's square

Herby-K's - Downtown Shreveport

If ever a fun hole-in-the-wall existed, Herby-K's is it! The folks there are passionate about soul food and supporting local food producers like us. They are creative and willing to work with what we have available in a given week! Ask your server which dishes currently feature Shady Grove Ranch products.

enoch stomp square

Enoch's Stomp Winery & Vineyard - Harleton, TX

We rate restaurants for food quality, atmosphere, service, and value, and Enoch's Stomp wins on all counts! What a beautiful venue to enjoy Chef David's gourmet-quality dishes. And we are now the exclusive supplier for their pork and chicken dishes! We highly recommend dining here for your next special occasion!