Why We Don’t Ship

We get lots of excited inquiries about whether we ship our products, and we are honored that the desire for truly naturally-raised pastured meats and eggs like ours is as far-reaching as it is. But we haven’t made it a regular practice to ship our products, except the occasional package for a close friend or the exception for someone who has specific dietary restrictions and can’t find anything close by.


There are several reasons, and though they may offend, we’re all about transparency here, so let’s just be honest. It may seem a little strange, but our overall vision is to provide local food to local people and to become a model of success for real food production. The reasons we don’t ship Shady Grove Ranch products are:

1. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and no one insures perishable goods for small-volume shippers.

We’d hate for you to spend hundreds of dollars on the finest quality pasture-raised meats available, only to have a mail carrier lose the package and say it’s uninsurable because it is meat.

2. We want you to support a local farm!

We envision America with a small farm every 50 miles feeding 100 or so families nearly all of their groceries, and we want to be one of those farms. We don’t want to feed the world by ourselves. We can’t do it. This global economy needs a local food system. So we sell direct-to-LOCAL-consumer. In the vast scheme of things, a company that relies heavily on shipping is ultimately reliant upon a cheap trucking industry that gobbles up fossil fuels. We believe the system as it is is very unstable. That is not what we envision for long-term food security. Buying straight from the farm gets more dollars into the farmers’ hands and it gets more knowledge into the brain of the buyer. If everyone bought directly from small farms, food scares would be practically eliminated, people would demand a better quality product and better treatment of animals raised for food, and the world would be a better place. Well, we can hope for that, anyway.


So if you see something about our products that you just love, know that it can’t hurt to ask if we’ll ship something to you. But we’ll probably try to convince you that your money is better spent with a local farm, and we’d love to help you find one.

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  1. Joy Coit says:

    I live in Dallas, TX I really want soy-free chicken. I have a soy intolerance. Do you sell your chicken anywhere in the Dallas area? Thanks!

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