A Day In The Life of A Farmer (A View From The Office)

A Day In The Life of A Farmer (A View From The Office)

By Jerica Cadman A lot of folks think of farming as hard labor out in the dirt, under the hot sun with a rake in hand. And sometimes it is that—that or stacking hay, installing fences, digging holes, cutting down trees, moving cows, transporting chickens, assisting with the birth of new piglets. But there’s a more hidden side… ... Continue reading | 1 Comment

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High Density Pasture Management

Matt has been researching and experimenting with a new cattle management technique called High Density Pasture Management. The strategy changes throughout the year depending upon seasons and the types of cows being grazed (momma cows nursing calves versus finishing steers versus pregnant dry cows), and is quite complex in strategy, so we won’t attempt to describe the entire method here and now. However, we can share what we’re doing right… ... Continue reading

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Cluck-N-Oink Crew on Pasture

Pasture Management: The Cluck-N-Oink Crew

Matt has been experimenting with rotational methods that enhance the health of our pastures but that reduce our labor load in moving the critters regularly. We move our chickens and pigs very frequently and decided to try a shared fence set-up during the cool months when wallowing isn’t necessary for the pigs.

The strategy is to use a shared net set-up and only have… ... Continue reading | 2 Comments

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Farming and Engineering Collide

A little fact you may not have known: Before Matt and Jerica became farmers, we were engineers. It’s a good thing, because sometimes there are problems here on the farm where classes like Statics and Physics really come in handy.

For example, we recently bought a larger cattle trailer that was “homemade,” not uncommon in East Texas. It’s very nice, and we like it, but on one of our… ... Continue reading

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Winter Clear-Out-Freezer Sale!

Clear-Out-The-Freezer-To-Make-Room-For-Chicken-Season Sale

Sale Prices good 1/13/14 through 1/25/14

Whole Turkeys $4/lb (sizes 20-24 lb)

We have a handful of turkeys left from the holiday season, large sizes only. We received great feedback on turkeys this year—tender, flavorful, and moist. Purchase one now to put up for Easter, or just have off-season turkey!  

Ugly Turkeys $2.50/lb (sizes 14-25 lb)

Every turkey processing has a few mess-ups during plucking, so… ... Continue reading

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New Egg-Mobile: The Egg Ark

Check out our latest project, constructing a new nest box facility for our youngest batch of layer chickens. It will provide shade, night protection from predators, mobile feed, nesting space, roosting space, and of course will be totally mobile so it can be moved across pasture easily. Regular movement of chickens across pasture encourages healthy growth of grasses and non-toxic incorporation of manure into the ground. Plus it gives the… ... Continue reading | 1 Comment

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Early Bird Special for Turkey!

Early Bird Special!

The turkeys are finally ready! They are really nice this year—plump, beautiful, and having been raised in large mobile paddocks on pasture for their entire lives. We are proud to offer these special birds for your Thanksgiving (and other holidays!) meal.

But they’re taking up lots of freezer space, which we need for organizing our incoming batch of beef and pork! If you have the ability… ... Continue reading

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Irrigation Project – Photo Update

We always seem to be juggling several projects at once. Right now it’s planning to build a new barn and storefront and implementing a very extensive plumbing system on our ranch. Why? To provide what we refer to as irrigation in all the pastures on our ranch.

One of the most important parts of rotational grazing is getting water to each and every paddock

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Vitamins Plus Longview now carrying all our pasture-raised meats!

We are proud to announce that Vitamins Plus in Longview has started carrying our soy-free pasture-raised chicken, making them the FIRST store in Texas to carry all three of our meat varieties! They now carry whole chickens, boneless skinless breast, thighs, brisket, boneless ribeye, t-bone, sirloin, beef round roast, chuck roast, stew meat, ground beef, and pork chops. Please stop by and check out their inventory, and let

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Chicken Backs for Soup

Question: What are chicken backs?

Answer: “Chicken backs” are the core of the chicken that is left after the breast, wings, and legs have been cut away for parts.

Our chicken backs are fairly meaty and are typically used to make broth and to harvest the remaining meat. 2013 is the first year we have been able to offer this cut, and we are excited to share the results… ... Continue reading

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