Are you ready to see where your food comes from? You’ll need directions!

We welcome on-farm purchases and visits during our monthly group tours, but we don’t publish our address for two reasons:

1. GPS and online maps programs get you hopelessly lost (there seems to be another Shady Grove Rd. in Jefferson which is the WRONG one!)

2. This is our home and private property as well as our workplace, and we prefer visits to be by appointment.

Please call us at 903-665-7076 to schedule a visit and to receive directions. We can even email you a map with a Google Maps link if you prefer. We are actually quite easy to find and only 10 miles from downtown Jefferson.

4 Responses to Directions

  1. eva boyd says:

    if i buy a bulk order of chicken on the farm is it fresh or frozen or do i have a choice?

    • jericacadman says:

      All our products are frozen unless, during the growing season, you are able to come pick up at the farm on the day we have the animals processed. Last year, for example, we had several customers come to the farm to pick up fresh chicken on the day we brought it home from the processor.

  2. Glenn Camp says:

    Some questions I do not see addressed on your website…………
    What breed of beef do you offer? Various sizes of ribeye steaks? Are Organic Grass Fed Ribeye’s $27.5o per lb? Do you mail purchases to Kilgore, Texas? …. or what areas do you deliver to? Longview possibly?

  3. Barbara says:

    I have your address. It was on the newsletter page. I’m not sure if I subscribed to the newsletter, but I tried.

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