Steam-Boiled Eggs

How to Steam-Boil Eggs

If ever you have struggled with peeling fresh boiled eggs, this recipe is for you! Steamed eggs peel much more easily than boiled eggs. Try it!

basket of fresh eggs


Steam-Boiled Eggs
  1. Fresh Eggs
  2. Steamer Basket
  3. Pot with Lid
Set up steamer pan with ¾” of water under basket. Place over medium-high heat. Set raw eggs on basket and cover with lid. As soon as water is boiling, set time for following levels of doneness
  1. Soft-boiled: 6 minutes
  2. Medium-boiled: 9 minutes
  3. Hard-boiled: 12 minutes
  4. Remove eggs from steamer basket with spoon and serve hot or dunk into a bowl of cold tap water to chill for use in cold recipes.
  1. Just a note: When I stumbled upon this method, some people insisted that you had to use ice water to ensure peelability. However, we don’t have an ice maker, so that presented a significant inconvenience. I tested a single batch with chilling both ways, and tap water works fine, though it does take a good amount of water to chill a large batch of eggs.
  2. Another note: You can put the eggs in any time. If you don’t mind working with a steamy pot of water, I suggest placing the eggs in after the water is already boiling. That way there’s no guessing on the time, since the eggs will begin to cook as soon as they are in the warm pan. But it’s probably neither here nor there since the water begins boiling so quickly anyhow.
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