Pastured Chicken

Soy-Free Pastured Chicken

Our pastured chickens are soy-free, naturally raised, and available to folks in the East Texas (Longview, Tyler, Marshall, Jefferson) and North Louisiana (Shreveport, Bossier) areas

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How Our Chicken Is Raised

The first phase of our chickens’ lives starts in the brooder house where the chicks live on deep, clean bedding free of “-cides” and antibiotics. This warm, draft-free environment gives them the protection they need while they grow out their weather-proof non-downy feathers.

At about 2-3 weeks of age, the chicks are moved to our Mobile Broiler Coop where they spend the rest of their days enjoying cool grass under their feet and the freedom to chase bugs and tiny animals they find on pasture. They are moved daily to fresh ground so they never have to live on their own manure. The flavor difference from a chicken raised in a clean, fresh-air environment is unbelievable!

broiler chickens mobile range coop


What do our chickens eat?

Because they are not ruminants like cows and require additional protein to be healthy, our birds receive a custom feed mix containing oats, peanuts, wheat, and wild-caught fish meal. They never get antibiotics, wormers, hormones, or growth stimulants. 

How are the chickens processed?

Our birds are processed at the state-inspected family-farm-owned processing facility about two hours from our farm. The facility does not use bleach baths to overcome filthy processing practices, but rather carefully eviscerates each bird by hand to ensure no fecal matter contaminates the carcass. The birds are then packaged and frozen and transported back to our ranch for our happy customers.

Where can you get our chicken?

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