Shreveport Farmers Market

Come see us at the Shreveport Farmers Market in 2013!

We are in a totally new spot this fall. We are located in the main pavilion in Festival Plaza near the back on the way to the bathrooms. Look for our “barn on wheels!”

Our location for the Fall 2013 Shreveport Farmers Market from Oct 26 - Nov 23, 8am - noon

Our location for the Fall 2013 Shreveport Farmers Market from Oct 26 – Nov 23, 8am – noon


Festival Plaza, downtown Shreveport

Shady Grove Ranch will be at the Shreveport Farmers Market every Saturday this summer selling our pasture-raised beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and eggs. Sign up for our newsletter to get notice of specials, events, and fun farm stories. Come do your grocery shopping at a fun place full of locally-raised goodies!


Shreveport Farmers Market

Fall 2013

Saturdays 8am-Noon

October 26 – November 23 

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2 Responses to Shreveport Farmers Market

  1. mary brown says:

    Will you be at the farmer’s market this Sat in Shreveport? What time does it open? Thanks, Mary

  2. Matt Harris says:

    I WILL see you this next Sat. at your booth in the plaza. I hope you felt free to sell my eggs….it was impossible to get there yest. I apologize….I would like a dozen this Sat. if you’ll bring ’em.

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