Smoked Hams for Local Companies

Attention Business Owners of the Ark-La-Tex!

Do something really special for your company gift this year. Buy all-natural, pasture-raised Smoked Ham from a local farm!

We have had calls from business owners in past years inquiring about purchasing holiday treats for their employees, but until this year have not had adequate supply. We are excited to announce that this year, we can do it! Our all-natural, pastured pork operation is doing great, and we are privileged to be working with a local smokehouse that can smoke our hams using all natural ingredients–no MSG, no preservatives, no artificial anything. And the best part is… the ham is delicious! 

Here are this year’s Ham-tastic options:

  • Quarter Ham – 4-6 lb – $7.50/lb
  • Half Ham – 7-12 lb – $6.50/lb
  • Whole Ham – 13-18 lb $5.50/lb

We will be making hams to order starting October 1 and need orders in by then in order to have the hams ready in time for November pickup. For those businesses located within our regular delivery cities (Shreveport, Longview, Marshall, Tyler, and Jefferson), we can provide free workplace delivery during our November or December routine deliveries for orders over $250.

Why go against the grain for company gifts this year?

Most online ham and turkey companies are sourcing from CAFO farms–Confined Animal Feeding Operations. Not only are these operations known for poor humane practices and toxic environments, they produce meats that are inferior in quality and therefore require flavor enhancers and coloring agents to make them appealing. Our hams contain only 4 ingredients–5 if you count the pork! Brown Sugar, Salt, Celery Powder, and Sea Salt.

Our meats are naturally delicious because we manage our pigs exclusively on pasture–they are never indoors or on concrete during their lives (except on processing day!). They have the freedom to “root, romp and wallow,” consuming tons of delicious, live vegetation (their salad bar!), and frolicking about in the sunshine and fresh air.

The great news is that because we are selling direct-to-consumer, we can eliminate a lot of the middleman costs, and our ham price is competitive against the most popular online brands.

Shop Small, Shop Local… Even Your Meats!

Even beyond the conviction to buy naturally-raised food, when you purchase company gifts of hams from a farm like ours, you are supporting a truly family-owned operation based in the historic town of Jefferson, Texas. We started this farm from scratch just 7 years ago, and in many ways are still a very new farm working to reclaim the natural health of our soil and promote our cause of eating natural meats amidst a very pro-processed food culture. There are many obstacles, but we have a wonderfully loyal and enthusiastic customer base. We hope you’ll join us, too, by supporting local, natural farming practices while blessing the socks off of your employees and co-workers! Remember–every bite counts!

How To Jump On the Ham Wagon

Ready to do something really crazy-special-great for your company this year? Call us to discuss options, pricing, and delivery dates, and we will get your hams on our processing schedule. We may request a deposit to secure your hams. Call 903-665-7076, or email jerica @ 

Thanks for supporting our farm this holiday season!