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Are you falling asleep at the kitchen stove?

There is an interesting thing happening in our culture. Advertising. Advertising wins. If you can come up with the prettiest ad, the cleverest motto, the most touching video clip, you can sell anything. But what if you can’t… Farmers aren’t … Continue reading

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A brief update as we head into March…

We lost all the small birds! You’re going to laugh. We ran out of little chickens! Other than a couple remaining 3-pounder birds, all we have is our December stock of whole birds, ranging from Really Big (4.5 lb) to … Continue reading

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Why Pasture-Raised Meats? They fatten on the right stuff!

Here’s the third installment–if you’re here, you’re a trooper! I appreciate you taking the time to educate yourself on these very important issues.  Why Pasture-Raised Meats… What have we learned so far? My first article was some discussion of why … Continue reading

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Why Pasture-Raised Meats? No Arsenic

Why Pasture-Raised Meats? No Arsenic… Last time, we talked about why we (Matt and Jerica) chose to pursue eating and producing animal products (meats, bones, fats, eggs, etc) because they are more nutrient-dense and digestible than vegetables. For a sick … Continue reading

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Winter Clear-Out-Freezer Sale!

Clear-Out-The-Freezer-To-Make-Room-For-Chicken-Season Sale Sale Prices good 1/13/14 through 1/25/14 Whole Turkeys $4/lb (sizes 20-24 lb) We have a handful of turkeys left from the holiday season, large sizes only. We received great feedback on turkeys this year—tender, flavorful, and moist. Purchase one … Continue reading

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Chicken Backs for Soup

Question: What are chicken backs? Answer: “Chicken backs” are the core of the chicken that is left after the breast, wings, and legs have been cut away for parts. Our chicken backs are fairly meaty and are typically used to … Continue reading

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ETBU Students Visit Shady Grove Ranch

Last week we were able to welcome some students from East Texas Baptist University (ETBU) who are interested in learning about sustainable food production. Earlier this summer, Dr. Cassie Falke contacted me about bringing some of her students to the … Continue reading

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