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Should eggs be stored on the countertop?

Should you store farm eggs on the countertop? You probably read the little article that circulated social media about how Europeans never store their eggs in the fridge. How convenient, right? More space for leftovers, potential for edible kitchen decor, … Continue reading

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Organic Egg Deception

An interesting little story came out last week about the day-to-day practices of a major brand of organic eggs. The article subtly criticized the confined quarters that offered no apparent access to outdoors, and gave readers some insight into how the … Continue reading

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Are you falling asleep at the kitchen stove?

There is an interesting thing happening in our culture. Advertising. Advertising wins. If you can come up with the prettiest ad, the cleverest motto, the most touching video clip, you can sell anything. But what if you can’t… Farmers aren’t … Continue reading

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A brief update as we head into March…

We lost all the small birds! You’re going to laugh. We ran out of little chickens! Other than a couple remaining 3-pounder birds, all we have is our December stock of whole birds, ranging from Really Big (4.5 lb) to … Continue reading

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Eggs from the Cookie Cutter

We’re members of the American Pastured Poultry Producer’s Association, and part of the membership is being able to participate in an online discussion forum. A few days ago the question arose, “Where could a person find eggs that had been … Continue reading

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The Day The Chicken Paddock Became A Mudslide

Farming often feels like feast or famine. We believe we have exited a 3-year-long drought that started … oh, our FIRST summer of production. We made it. By the Lord’s grace we made it. But the pendulum seems to have … Continue reading

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How long do eggs keep?

We get the question all the time, “How long do your eggs keep?” They have an expiration date on them, which we haven’t always done, and actually aren’t required to do, but it does help us to know how old … Continue reading

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New Egg-Mobile: The Egg Ark

Check out our latest project, constructing a new nest box facility for our youngest batch of layer chickens. It will provide shade, night protection from predators, mobile feed, nesting space, roosting space, and of course will be totally mobile so … Continue reading

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2012 October Farm Day

Farm Day was a hit at Shady Grove Ranch! We had a small group, which was lovely for taking our time and having plenty of interesting conversations about sustainable agriculture. Once everyone had arrived, we loaded up onto the hayride … Continue reading

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ETBU Students Visit Shady Grove Ranch

Last week we were able to welcome some students from East Texas Baptist University (ETBU) who are interested in learning about sustainable food production. Earlier this summer, Dr. Cassie Falke contacted me about bringing some of her students to the … Continue reading

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