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Are you falling asleep at the kitchen stove?

There is an interesting thing happening in our culture. Advertising. Advertising wins. If you can come up with the prettiest ad, the cleverest motto, the most touching video clip, you can sell anything. But what if you can’t… Farmers aren’t … Continue reading

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Someone is trying to trick you.

Someone is trying to trick you. They have started using this marketing word, and it’s working. What’s the word? Local. “Local” is the new “healthy.” But my, oh, my, how the falsehoods abound. (Quick disclaimer: I don’t think “local” is … Continue reading

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Running a farm is like flying a spaceship.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from one of our institutional vendors, verifying our practice standards so they can make sure they’re marketing their product correctly. As I was chatting with him, I realized something. You see, a lot of … Continue reading

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Is Organic Food Making Us Unhealthier?

Have you heard the term “Greenwashing?” Even if you haven’t, perhaps you’ve noticed the vast increase in availability of things at the supermarket that have pretty, healthy-looking little green labels. It’s so nice to have so many healthful options… or … Continue reading

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