We are the Cadman family, and we moved to Jefferson in the Spring of 2010 to dedicate our lives to producing best-you-can-find naturally raised foods. The Senior Cadmans, Bailey & Bobbi, came from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to join with the Junior Cadmans–their son, Matt, and his wife, Jerica–in their farming ventures.

Prior to obtaining our own ranch, the Junior Cadmans and their two business partners leased land for their company, TrueFields, LLC, in Hallsville, Texas, to raise pigs, dairy cows, and vegetables. But the desire to expand and improve on our own property took hold, and we visited the future Shady Grove Ranch for the first time around Thanksgiving of 2009.

TrueFields, LLC continues to operate a cowshare program on site, and Shady Grove Ranch produces the beef, pork, chickens, and eggs. Meet our family!

Bailey & Bobbi Matt & Jerica