The mission of Shady Grove Ranch is to produce excellent quality meat and egg products for local families. It will raise its animals naturally, humanely, sustainably, and using practices appropriate to each animal’s species. Shady Grove Ranch will be transparent in its management practices so that consumers can be well-informed in their food choices. Shady Grove Ranch will consciously avoid using chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified feedstuffs, factory waste, synthetic hormones, or chemical fertilizers. Shady Grove Ranch will manage its operations in pursuit of continual improvement, particularly in the areas of sustainability, nutrient density, and affordability of its products. Shady Grove Ranch will strive to spend farm profits as locally as possible.


2 Responses to Mission

  1. Sunnye says:

    I am interested in purchasing some of your products & wondering how. Is there a store or can I purchase online. Thanks

  2. jericacadman says:

    We sell at the farm or at Shreveport Farmers Market during its open season. You are welcome to call to set up a visit if you like.

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