Weston A. Price Foundation

Jerica is the Ark-La-Tex area chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation. WAPF is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching the principles of healthy traditional diets researched by Dr. Weston A. Price. Price traveled the globe and was able to relate the diets of many different indigenous people groups to their overall dental and physical health. The healthiest groups had diets that consisted of at least 30% of calories as saturated fats; they ate sprouted grains, fermented foods, and nutrient dense “sacred foods” found in their area, such as cod liver oil, fish roe, butter, eggs, organ meats, and shellfish. Overall they consumed many times the amounts of vitamin A and D, and K, minerals, and other nutrients when compared with civilized nations during the same time period.

Matt and Jerica Cadman (part owners of Shady Grove Ranch) stumbled upon this man’s great work during their search for better health and have become more and more convinced of its truth. In fact, WAPF is one of the reasons they began farming! Great, nutrient dense foods are hard to come by, so they decided to dedicate their lives to producing them in hopes of reversing the current trend toward disease in the modern world.

Contact Jerica for information on how to find great nutrient-dense foods in your area. She hosts meetings from time to time with topical lectures on diet, cooking instruction, and research discussion. She can also point you to resources on recovering from disease, nursing mothers, pregnant mothers, feeding children, etc. Sign up for notice of meetings at the local chapter’s yahoo group. Or you can go directly to the Weston A. Price Foundation’s website.

Wise Traditions Conference ~ Santa Clara, CA ~ November 9-12 2012

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  1. Michael Kincaid says:

    My mother, Wilma Kincaid, Rt 1 Box 47902, Idabel, OK, (580)245-2266, would like informataion concerning physicians in the area, which scribe to the Weston A Price, point of view on holistic health. Thank you for you time.

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