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Organic Egg Deception

An interesting little story came out last week about the day-to-day practices of a major brand of organic eggs. The article subtly criticized the confined quarters that offered no apparent access to outdoors, and gave readers some insight into how the … Continue reading

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Are you falling asleep at the kitchen stove?

There is an interesting thing happening in our culture. Advertising. Advertising wins. If you can come up with the prettiest ad, the cleverest motto, the most touching video clip, you can sell anything. But what if you can’t… Farmers aren’t … Continue reading

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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Grass-fed Beef

1. The term “grass-fed” beef is no longer regulated as of January 2016. This is a pretty complicated issue, but honestly, we don’t feel it’s entirely a bad thing. Why? Well, we were never terribly into government regulation of private … Continue reading

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How we do Soy-Free Pasture-Raised Eggs

At long last, we finally have a chance to tell you about our new EggMobile, built during the visit of some of our relatives that visit each spring to help us with ongoing work projects. Laying chickens have very specific … Continue reading

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